Welcome to Floxia Canada’s website we’re glad that you have decided to pay us a visit. My name is Eisha, my friends call me Ash. In 2020 I established with my family Anest Trading Inc. the sole distributor of Floxia International products in Canada. My story starts with Floxia after experiencing some hair loss in recent years. I researched different treatments sold here in Canada and none of them worked. I was getting frustrated and more self-conscious about hair. 

One day I was speaking to an old friend of mine that lives in France. She mentioned that she was experiencing a similar case to mine. A dermatologist recommended to her Floxia’s hair serum she used it regularly for a couple of months and amazingly her hair grew back. I asked her to ship me a bottle, after using it for a couple of months I experienced the same great results she experienced. My hair gradually grew back and my confidence in myself improved. I was surprised to find out that Floxia wasn’t available in Canada. I immediately contacted Floxia International to secure a distribution deal. When I contacted Floxia I discovered that they had over twenty years of experience in the cosmetics and beauty industry, and was impressed with the level of detail and quality that they input in each of their products.